2018-19 Jag Jog!!

It is time for the 2018-19 Jag Jog!!

Please click here to donate or find out more about this fun, energizing fundraiser!!



Links to the information sent home in packets below:


ag Jog packet flier_2018


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2018 School Directory

It is Ankeny District policy for school staff not to share student or parent information.  This is to protect the privacy of our families.   It is also district policy that no child can hand out invitations at school.  This is to promote a feeling of family within our school.

As a result, it can be difficult to send out invitations or contact other parents.  Ashland Ridge PTO has created an online directory to make this a bit easier.  Parents must opt-in to the directory by adding their family information below.  Once added, parents will receive the phone numbers and email addresses of other parents who have chosen to be part of the directory.  The directory is grade-level specific, so it is important to fill out your information for each child.


Please add your information to the links below: 



First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

**Please note:  The directory is manually sent out by our volunteers.  Please allow 5-7 days for the directory to arrive in your email.  Thank you for your patience!!



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PTO Meeting September 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 7PM

Call to order: Mandy Snyder, co-President

Introduction of officers present: 
Mandy Snyder & Jessica Zamago: co-Presidents 
Emily Moen & Teresa Nefzger : co-Vice Presidents 
Laura Patterson: co-Treasurer with Kristy Rippentrop (unable to attend) 
Jennifer Sill & Jaime Davis: co-Secretaries

Principal Report (Mr. Mark Moss)
Mr. Moss introduced Sara Janes from Ankeny Sports Booster Club. Sara spoke about the Booster Club’s mission, which is to support Ankeny athletics – both Jaguars and Centennial. Getting involved now (while kids are in elementary) is great. Fundraising/donations and gate tickets are primary sources of revenue. Revenue is split between the two high schools. If you purchase a $300 family membership, this
gets you into any Ankeny Hawk or Centennial sporting event (not districts, post season) by showing your membership card. Current fundraiser/project is to finish the front of the Ankeny Stadium – they are selling personalized engraved bricks, project wrapping up in November, cap of 1,000 bricks. Cost is $150/paver, booster club member cost is $100/paver. Go to https://www.ankenyboosters.com/ for more info on membership, to purchase commemorative bricks, or to contact the Booster Club.
Committee recruitment open… new members welcome and needed.
Mr. Moss has begun his 10th year at Ashland Ridge, and related that he believes AR is a special place because of the people – teachers, kids, and parents – we have.  Discussed the addition of new 2nd & 3rd grades (five sections in those grades currently), there is
also a new special ed program (bringing the total to three).  Ashland Ridge does have Preschool on site this year, and will have it for at least one more school year (through 2019-2020).  There were 610 enrolled students last year; right now we are at 660. AR may, or may not, add sections to grade levels next year? Current class sections are close to max of 27 per class (25 for Kindergarten).  A few years ago, we had 710 students, so AR building/staff quite capable to hand numbers. Mr. Moss wants to make this place feel as small as possible, in regard to attention and quality of education.  New staff additions for 2018-2019 school year:

-Special Education: Kelly Kiekhoefer, will go by soon-to-be (Nov) married name of
-AELP: Marcy Conover
-5th Grade: Brandon Hargens
-5th Grade: Sean Lynam
-1st Grade: Nikki Ruppert
-Several new associates, still finalizing hires, will wrap up soon
-New front office person: Becky Like (formerly an associate at AR) Sandy Pieper
Former front office, took job at Cent.
-New front office part time person: Ann Thurnau?
 Mentioned October 16th is parent/teacher night. Online conference sign up website (PTO does not have link yet) – school will send out next Wednesday (Sept 12th).  Curriculum discussion: desire is to be a “Leader & Me” school, this is an offshoot of Stephen Covey trainings. Goal as district is to have all buildings on this system, there are a few now. AR leadership team is doing a book study on this during the school year. Will then share with staff, then have Covey people come in and assess if AR is ready. Year 0 (zero) right now. Year 1 would be training. Year 2 would implement in the school. (For reference: https://www.theleaderinme.org/ ) 

Professional Development: Lucy Calkins method, model for reading system. Currently fitting our curriculum into this system, Word Work is a focus. Working to have a viable Word Work curriculum district-wide – this is very important for student transfers w/in district, happens often.  Mr. Moss relayed that his door is open – please email or reach out if there is anything that is concerning you. He’d like to address things up front. If he/the school doesn’t know, there is nothing he can do about it. Please come in if there is an issue. Teacher Report – no teachers present. Busy start to the school year. 
President Report (Mandy Snyder) 
Welcomed new attendees, expressed desire to continue growth of PTO membership  Discussed reason for number and timing of meetings – no need for meetings over the winter.  Addressed teacher requests for funding/classroom items in addition to Grade “Pod” money given each school year. There are request forms on the PTO website. PTO will consider all requests submitted.
Treasurer Report (Laura Patterson) 
We need final invoice for outdoor classroom – Mr. Moss will get it. 
All money needs to go through the front desk –we don’t hand money to the teachers.  If a PTO member needs to submit a receipt for reimbursement, use the website for the form, and consult Kristy or Laura. 
Board met over the summer and approved the budget, see handout for details.  Goal is for the Jag Jog to carry us and be the primary, if not sole, fundraiser for the year. Committee Reports (see also New Business) 

Fundraising and Jag Jog (Jen Sill, Teresa Nefzger, others)
-October 5th is Jag Jog event date. Kindergarten runs in afternoon at 1PM. Other grades
run in the AM.
-Sending around a sign up for volunteers for day of the event.
– $600 raised via sponsorships to date.
-T-shirt sales:  Parents can buy tees (first time/year for this). Each parent t-shirt purchased funds two t-shirts for Jag Jog. We already have sold enough t-shirts to fund two Pods/grades for their Jag Jog t-shirts.  T-shirt link to purchase will be posted on PTO Facebook page. PayPal will be used to invoice for shirts purchased this way.
-Teachers will send out an email requesting with kid shirt size sign up (if not done by
family at back to school night). Option to purchase adult/additional shirts to also be
shared in this email.
-Jag Jog Incentives for kids/fundraising: 
Return Fundraiser Packet to School w/ any donation: receive wearable button
$40 raised by student: name announced by Mr. Moss over intercom, coupons 
Top Overall Earner: gift card & “Principal for a Day” 
Next 2 Top Earners : also “Principal for a Day” 
Next 10 Top Earners (#4 to #13): lunch w/ Mr. Moss 
Next 10 Top Earners (#14 to #23): “Principal Taxi” to classroom
Highest Overall (individual classroom): pick dress up day theme for entire school  Highest Overall grade level: extra recess & activity in outdoor classroom
80% school participation by entire school: TBD by Mr. Moss

-Call for volunteers: along the route the day of the event, preparing “goodie bags” that
will be handed out to all AR kids after the event, and for button making. 

Parent Directory
Parent directory – sending that information out by Friday of this week. Parents have to opt-in/sign up to be listed, or to use directory. Submit name, email, phone. Hold onto that email when you get it, so you’re able to find/access the directory later in the year.

Beautification Coordinator (Jessica Anderson, not present)
Jessica is still in charge of the plantings. A thank you to Mr. Moss for watering the plants over the dry summer. 

Box Tops (Wendy Mosdal, not present)
Running smoothly. Wendy has gift cards from Tropical Smoothie to give out to some top
participants. 

Spirit Wear (Rachel Sorenson, not present)
Rachel has done a great job working with the vendor, and there will be new designs posted soon and throughout the year.

Teacher Appreciation (need new chairperson)
Need volunteers willing to contribute here. Parent/teacher conferences are coming up in
October, PTO provides meal for teachers, delivery around 3:30 that afternoon.

Yearbook (Jean Ann Olberding, not present)
Jean Ann takes care of the yearbook, submitting pictures of classroom activities throughout the year is greatly appreciated. Mr. Moss confirmed that no parents of students attending AR opted out, so OK to do photos at activities. 

Volunteer Coordinator (Jen Sill)
Volunteers needed for Teacher Appreciation activities. Most spots for the hearing/vision testing happening in September are filled, volunteers are also needed for school picture day.
Note:  volunteer also needed for Restaurant Night scheduling/coordination. 

PTO Technology (Jen Sill)
Volunteer(s) still needed for this position – involves the PTO website, keeping an eye on the PTO Facebook page and other channels of communication
Misc Fundraising
Restaurant proceeds nights are an on-going fundraiser. Most of the 2018-2019 is already
scheduled, but there are a few spots left to fill. Z’Mariks and Chipotle both do 50% of proceeds back to AR PTO (highest percentage). Chic-fil-A hosts a monthly proceeds night for AR.
Suggestion was made that Chili’s was a very profitable proceeds night for another group, may be a business worth approaching. A volunteer needed to take over this spot going forward.

Old Business

PTO strives to build the AR community by hosting family events: Kindergarten playdate before school started, popsicles on the playground, upcoming Geisler Farms night. 

Outdoor classroom is up and running. Need to make a plaque to thank the major donor family and all AR families that contributed – PTO needs to approve verbiage, then submit to Mr. Moss for school to review and approve.

Suggested: “Our AR PTO outdoor classroom was made possible by donations from Grady and Ashlyn Peterson and family, along with donations made
by our student’s families and friends.” Additional comment that date needs to be added to plaque. 

Will there be a dedication ceremony for Outdoor Classroom?

New Business

Jag Jog
o Why Jag Jog?
 All money raised (except expenses incurred like credit card processing fees from
online donation) goes to the kids.  No selling wrapping paper, pizza, etc.  ALL  STUDENTS PARTICIPATE in the event

o What is money raised by Jag Jog used to do?
 Fund PTO annual budget/year expenditures (see budget sheet).  Suggestions for current “big” things to purchase with funds raised, and to motivate parents/kids to fundraise:
More books for classrooms – as shift is made to Word Work (workshop
model of teaching) and kids are doing independent and buddy practice, the need for more reading materials in AR classrooms will continue to grow.  For Kindergarten through 3rd grades, funding “nicer” sets of headphones for the 25-27 kids per classroom would be a good investment. (4th and 5th grades have ear buds as part of school supply list for the year.) Mr. Moss will have Mrs. Neville research cost.  Main thing is to spend funds on things that are tangible, and that will benefit all AR kids at some point in their school career at AR.  At some point, PTO will have to decide if we will look for a new “big” thing (like the outdoor classroom or the library revamp/furniture) to pursue funding for our school. 

Point made that we should spend the money in ways that benefit our current AR students, as they are the ones fundraising. 

Committee Membership Thank you extended to new PTO attendees, new members are welcome and desired. There are lots of ways to contribute to PTO and many do not require a large time commitment. Members are encouraged to like and share the Ashland Ridge PTO Facebook page, and also the content. 

Geisler Farm – Ashland Ridge Family Night
o Event rescheduled from Friday, Sept 7th, to the rain date of Friday, Sept 21st

o Jen will print fliers and distribute to teachers for students to take home with new date

Other New Business
o At Jag Jog committee meeting, it was suggested that we do Facebook Live from PTO
meetings. Discussion regarding trying it at the next meeting, and possibly only doing the
Live for the beginning of the meeting (including Mr. Moss and the Principal update).
o Flier with calendar received at Meet the Teacher Night was well received by parents.
Second flier with Spring semester dates will be provided later in the semester.
o There will be a rollerskating family night, date to be determined.
o Jen Sill has been talking with the new movie theater about hosting an AR family night
there. The owner wants to wait until the initial rush dies down, then would be willing to
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 2nd at 7PM
Meeting Adjourned: co-President, Mandy Snyder

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Back to School 2018-19!


back to school conceptual creativity cube

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here are some upcoming events.  Please check our Facebook page for more details on all of these events.


17 – Kindergarten Playdate at Georgetown park.

20 – Kindergarten Welcome – Parent-only meeting with your Kindergartener’s teacher

21 – Meet the teacher night – Bring in your school supplies and meet your teacher!!

23 – First Day of school!!

30 – Back to School night – Parent-only meeting with your child’s teacher.
Times for each grade level posted



4 – PTO Meeting in the Ashland Ridge library at 7pm (One of only 4)

7 – Back-to-School bonfire at Geisler Farms  6pm-9pm

18 – ChickFilA night 5pm-8pm

26 – Papa Murphy Night 11am-8pm



1 – Chipotle Night  4pm-8pm

2 – PTO Meeting in the Ashland Ridge library at 7pm (2nd of 4)

5 – Jag Jog Fundraiser!!

16 – ChickFilA night 5pm-8pm



6 – Zmariks Noodle Cafe – 4pm-9pm (50% of sales come back to PTO!)

20 – ChickFilA 5pm-8pm

27 – Ashland Ridge Spirit night at Centennial Basketball Game



3 – Panera 4pm-8pm

18 – ChickFilA 5pm-8pm



5 – Zmariks (50% night!!)  4pm-9pm


**More events will be updated as we get them!

Our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ARpto/

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Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here! Sign up to help love on our teachers!


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11th. Below is some suggestions on ways your student(s) can love on the teachers!

teacher appreciation 2018

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Spring Conference Meal

Time to sign up to bring dinner for the teachers during Conference Week! We’ll provide dinner on Tuesday night, the longest night for the teachers. Help them have one less thing to worry about that night!


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Book Fair Volunteers

It is time to sign up for the Winter Conference Book Fair!


Volunteers receive $5 in Scholastic Dollars to use at the Book Fair when your shift is over.

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2017/2018 Yearbooks are for sale!!

Yearbooks will be on sale NOW until February 28th for just $17!       

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase this important keepsake of the school year for your child! Orders after February 28th will be $18.00  until supplies run out. Please make sure you get your orders in for your full color yearbook today! Please remember we do not order extra yearbooks, so in order to be assured a copy, you need to preorder for your student.

To order yearbooks online, go to jostens.com/yearbooks. Personalization and icons are additional and prices can be found on the Jostens website through February 28, 2018.  Yearbook fliers will be sent  home with your child next week if you prefer to pay by check or cash. Please look for them in your child’s take-home folder.

If you are interested in placing a personal message ad in the yearbook for your student, you may purchase online when ordering your yearbook or use 2017 2018 Yearbook Ad. This is a great way to tell your child how proud you are of them! Message ads are due by February 15, 2018 in order to be included in the yearbook. The ads are 1/10 of a page and are $10.00 each. There are 20 spaces for ads available and it is based on a first come first serve basis.

Finally, if you have photos you would like to submit to the yearbook committee to be used in the yearbook, please see 2017 2018 Yearbook Submit. The document gives detailed instructions on how to upload those photos for use, both from your computer and your phone. The submission deadline for photos is February 28th, 2018 in order to be considered for the yearbook.

*5TH GRADE PARENTS ONLY: You should have received a separate email containing information about the special 5th grade yearbook pages & deadlines. Please let your teacher know if you did not receive this email.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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Tuesday Night is PTO Meeting and Z’Mariks night!

Join us at 7:00 PM in the Media Center for our November PTO Meeting, but first… go to Z’Mariks and tell them you are with Ashland Ridge. Z’Mariks gives back 50% of sales!!! Go grab dinner and maybe lunch for the next day while you are there!

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Due to the weather forecast for Tuesday, Jag Jog has been postponed until Friday, October 13th. Please check back for more details!


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