Yearbook Information

We wanted to communicate a few yearbook changes for the 2013/2014 school year. We are hoping these changes will help streamline the yearbook process. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this new process.

* We will have a yearbook “contact” for each grade level. This person will be in charge of making sure that every classroom has photos and will also be in charge of narrowing down and sorting the photos used in the yearbook for those grade pages.
* Parents are still encouraged to take photos, but instead of submitting them directly to the yearbook you will get your pictures to the grade contact for them to sort and organize.
* We will ideally have 20-30 photos from each class that will be used in the yearbook. For this reason we ask parents to pick and choose from their pictures throughout the first semester and just submit their favorites to be used in the yearbook as we will hopefully have pictures coming in from lots of different parents.
* As in previous years, we encourage parents to take pictures of class parties, recess, hallway fun, special events (pj day, spirit day, etc…). It is absolutely a school-wide effort to try to get every child into the yearbook. We definitely can’t do it without parent help.

Our grade coordinators are:

Kindergarten – Jean Ann Olberding – 778-7527 –
1st grade – Jean Ann Olberding – 778-7527 –
2nd grade – Jaime Hough – 559-469-1732 –
3rd grade – Jaime Hough – 559-469-1732 –
4th grade – Jaime Hough – 559-469-1732 –
5th grade – Jennifer Gustafson – 965-4552 –
Specials – Jennifer Gustafson – 965-4552 –
Other school events/activities – Jennifer Gustafson – 965-4552 –

The yearbook will go on sale in the next few weeks — watch for communications about that to be coming soon.

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