2014/2015 School Year Volunteers Needed

The Ashland Ridge PTO has begun planning for the 2014-2015 school year.  We still have several positions open, and in order to hold some of our events, we’re going to need additional volunteers.  We have listed some open positions below that we need help with this year.  Please look over these and let us know if you are willing to help.  Some of these events are at risk of being cancelled if we can’t find someone to help coordinate them.

 – Kindergarten Boo Hoo Breakfast – Each year we hold a continental breakfast for the incoming kindergarten parents at 7:45 on the first day of school.  If you would be willing to help coordinate and set up for this event.

 – Wendy’s Night Coordinator – On the 3rd Monday of each month, it is Ashland Ridge night at Wendy’s.  We need someone to coordinate this event.  Each night there is a different teacher group that hosts the event, but we need someone to get information to the teachers the Friday before Wendy’s night, and work with the teachers to plan the frosty party for the class with the most in attendance (meaning coordinating a time with the teachers, contacting Wendy’s night with the date, time, and number of frosties needed, and picking up to deliver to the school on the date of the party). 

  – Secretary – We need a secretary for the PTO.  This is an officer position, and you would be responsible for taking notes at the PTO meetings (1st Tuesday of each month), typing up those minutes within a week or 2 after the meeting, and putting together the monthly newsletter for the school secretary toward the end of each month (with information from the rest of the PTO board and committees).  

  – Vice President – we are also in need of 2 Vice Presidents for the PTO.  The Vice President helps out with various activities throughout the year, and fills in for the President when she is not available. 


Currently, the only people on the PTO board are a President and 2 Treasurers.  The President’s youngest child is in 5th grade, so she will not be with the PTO next year.  We need people who are interested in helping this year, that might be willing to help in a larger capacity next year, or the PTO is at risk.  If you are interested in helping at all, please contact us by sending an email to: ashlandridgepto@gmail.com.  We need you!!!


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