October Meeting

Ashland Ridge PTO

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 7PM

Call to order: Mandy Snyder, co-President

Officers present:

Mandy Snyder & Jessica Zamago: co-President

Jen Sill & Jenni Gruensien: co-Vice Presidents

Kristy Rippentrop & Sara McDermott: co-Treasurers

Jacqueline Thole & Jaime Davis: co-Secretaries

Principal Report (Mr. Mark Moss)

Update on new staff for 2019-2020 school years:

Ashland Ridge has several new teachers this year. Kindergarten has two, Taryn Ayers and Stefani Goerndt. Joanne Johnson moved to 2nd grade. Sean Lynam moved from 5th to 4th grade, and Carrie McDaniel and Julie Harrington moved from 2nd to 5th grade.

There are several new associates, and Mr. Moss declared this to be the strongest group he’s seen in his 11 year tenure at Ashland Ridge.

Mr. Brandon Hargens is now our SAM (School Administration Manager).

Enrollment for 2019-2020 is just shy of 700 students in grades K-5 (this number excludes pre-school). Until elementary #12 is built we’ll continue to grow. New housing by Centennial High School and in other areas will impact us. Bond issue will come up in a couple of years.

Good start to year, color/carpet change has made a big visual and atmospheric change.

Reminders: open door policy w/ Mr. Moss – schedule a time to talk if needed. Mr. Hargens is our SAM 😊 – has been very impactful, Moss can be in classrooms more.

Mr. Moss and Mr. Hargens gave a presentation explaining the new School Administrative Manager position.

Adding the SAM position has been shown to add an average gain of 27 days of instructional leadership time.

We are the fifth school in our district to add this position.

Mr. Hargens has previously served as a SAM at another school.

Having a SAM enables Mr. Moss to spend more time being an instructional leader. He’s

able to be present in classrooms more – observing, supporting, and coaching teachers. He’s also better able to schedule his day, and spend more time on planned tasks. This has greatly increased contact time and accessibility with teachers and students. Mr. Moss has already spent time in every classroom this school year. Mr. Moss now able to help with Biz Town with 5th graders.

There have been changes in several First Responder categories and assignments.

Some areas: SAM supports are major office referrals (behavioral supports), Associate evaluations, overall building support – streamline processes to best serve students.

Another benefit is quicker response times to parents and students, as there are two administrators.

Mr. Moss and Mr. Hargens regularly coordinate and communicate on all aspects of the school.

Teacher Report – no teachers present

President Report (Mandy Snyder)no report given

Treasurer Report (Kristy Rippentrop)

Distributed ledger and 2019-2020 budget for review. Kristy gave overview, welcomed questions.

After receiving permission from the District, Amazon gift cards were purchased and presented to teachers at the beginning of the school year. This enables the teachers to purchase supplies for their classroom without having to submit receipts to the office and be reimbursed.

Jag Jog preliminary total is $31,217.39! Donations are still coming in, and we are waiting for some matching donations.

Using funds raised in 2018, PTO has sponsored several community activities, paid for student planners, and purchased Chromebook stands.

Jag Jog… Jen = backbone!!! $31,217.39 – some matching ($804 so far) – trickle in for next couple of weeks, +$20 from tonight – Ruppert winning classroom 24 kids, Kinder won 94 kids

Committee Reports

Fundraising and Jag Jog (see also Treasurer’s Report)

Announcement of total!

$31,217.39 gross total to date, still waiting on matching funds

Expenses currently $4,400

Recognition of top fundraisers, announcement of top class (Ruppert – 1st) and top grade (Kindergarten).

Recognition of Jen Sill as driving force behind Jag Jog, thank you to all volunteers for their efforts.

Jen and Jaicy will coordinate on making sure top fundraisers received their rewards.

Mr. Moss will coordinate date with Jen on when to wear T-Rex costume for drop-off/pick-up as one of the student rewards.

Discussion of need to have stated big goal/project to share with students for next year, specifically one(s) that would benefit all of AR students. Mr. Moss said he has some ideas to share.

Thank you notes to be sent to sponsors (Jenni, Jaime, etc.).

Wrap-up meeting for committee to be held Thursday, October 17th – location to be determined.

Parent Directory (Jen Sill)
The parent directory has been released. Sara McDermott will be taking over this position for next year.

Beautification Coordinator (Jessica Anderson, not present)
The planters were filled for the fall season.

Box Tops (Wendy Mosdal, not present)
Box Tops are transitioning to an online system where receipts are scanned, instead of having to cut out physical Box Tops from packaging. Both types of Box Tops are being accepted currently. Wendy is still collecting physical Box Tops, and still has prizes to give out to AR kids who turn them in. For more information, visit https://www.boxtops4education.com/

Spirit Wear (Jen Sill)
One Crazy Mama will be designing spirit wear again this year, and information will go out soon. Jen asked Letisha for the Jag Jog logo file, so it can be included in the offerings. There will be a range of prices and styles, delivery will be before the holiday break in December.

Teacher Appreciation (Jenni Gruenisen)
Jenni is coordinating a sign-up for bringing in various treats for our teachers to enjoy during Parent/Teacher Conferences week. Sign-ups are going well so far. We will be providing an evening meal on Tuesday, breakfast on Wednesday, and a “snack bar” on Friday to thank our teachers for all their hard work.

Yearbook (Jean Ann Olberding, not present)

Request to save pictures, Jean Ann will request them towards the end of the year when she is ready to create the yearbook.

Volunteer Coordinator (Letisha Murray)
Volunteers are needed for the Scholastic Book Fair during parent teacher conference week. Volunteers receive a 20% discount.

PTO Technology (Jen Sill)
No updates.

Old Business

Jag Jog

See Committee Reports

Geisler Farms Event

After being postponed twice due to Centennial Homecoming and a rain-out, AR Geisler Farms Night was held Friday, October 4th, and was well-attended.

Could either have more s’mores or limit the quantity consumed. The disposable sticks were beneficial.

New Business

Trunk-or-Treat Event

Trunk-or-Treat is a new community event this year, to be held the evening of Friday, October 25th on school grounds. Jenni is spearheading this event, volunteers are still welcome. So far, sign-ups have gone well and original goal was met for number of participants. There will a hot chocolate/hot apple cider table (free will donation), and they are looking into having a food truck.

AR Family Movie Morning Event
The next Movie Morning Event at B&B Theatres will be Frozen 2 on Sunday, November 24th at 10am. Jen is looking for two sponsors to contribute $200 each. If we can get sponsors, tickets will be $10 each, and the movie will be in the “Grand Screen” theater.


Brief discussion on promoting AmazonSmile as a way to raise funds for Ashland Ridge.

PTO Bulletin Board

A volunteer is needed to update/maintain the PTO bulletin board in the main office.

PBIS Parent Rep
Mr. Moss advised that Ashland Ridge is looking for a parent representative on the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) committee. Meetings are the second Monday of the month from 3:10 PM to 3:45 PM, the parent would be asked to attend the meeting and give their

perspective/comments. If interested, please email Mr. Moss.

NEXT MEETING: PTO Social (no formal meeting) to be held on January 14th, 2021 – location TBD

Meeting Adjourned: co-President, Mandy Snyder

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