Jag Jog

Time for our 2nd Jag Jog!!  This fun and safe fundraiser event will take place during the school day to allow every student to participate and to eliminate the need for families to alter their schedule.

Date: October 10th

Jag Jog is Ashland Ridge PTO’s main fundraising event

The PTO runs solely on fundraised money, so we need your help!

  • Jag Jog is a fun, healthy, and all-inclusive way for students to help raise the money the PTO needs in order to provide supplies, special programs, and extra opportunities for the students of our school.
  • Students are asked to collect donations, with a goal of collecting at least $40, and then during the school day on October 10th, students will complete a walk/run on a safe, city and school approved, route throughout our school’s neighborhood.
    • The preschool students’ route will be around the building. K-2nd will walk/run one mile. 3rd-5th will have an opportunity to walk/run one or two miles.
  • Every student will receive a T-Shirt for the Jag Jog, regardless of donations collected.


Financial goal: $25,000 to fund the PTO’s operating budget

This goal is possible if each student collects $40 in donations.

  • All money donated for Jag Jog will come directly back to the PTO, there is no middle man.
  • The PTO’s operating budget provides planners, Field Day lunch, pod supplies and projects, teacher appreciation week, conference meals, and more!
    • For a complete breakdown of the PTO budget, please visit the PTO website at ashlandridgepto.org.
  • Any money raised above the operating budget will be put toward an outdoor, shaded classroom/shelter.


Students can collect cash, check (payable to Ashland Ridge PTO) or electronic donations

  • Electronic donations can be made at the PTO’s website: ashlandridgepto.org.
    • Click the “donate” box on the right side of the screen. (There is a small processing fee for electronic donations.)
  • DO ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, and parent coworkers if they would like to help your student meet or beat their $40 goal.
  • DO NOT collect donations by going door to door. It is not safe and not encouraged by the PTO.


***NEW THIS YEAR: Top raising students earn rewards***

Top raising student in each class gets an honor of their teacher’s choice; Top raising grade gets an extra recess sponsored by the PTO; Top raising student in the school gets to be “Principal for the Day”; Top three school runner ups get “Principal Taxi.”



  • Students can start collecting donations immediately
    • Please enclose all cash and checks, along with the “Donation Log” in a manila envelope, labeled with your student’s name and returned to their teacher on or before Wednesday, October 4th.