Jag Jog FAQ

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about why we are hosting this event.  Should you have any questions not answered here, please reach out to us at AshlandRidgePTO@gmail.com

Why a Jag Jog?

Ashland Ridge parents wanted a safe, healthy alternative to sales-based fundraisers.  This is an inclusive and fun way to build team spirit while encouraging healthy choices.  

Why does the PTO need $25,000?

The goal of $25,000 is our entire budget for the 2017-18 school year.  We anticipate this being a one-time ask.  The board has also eliminated Fun Night.   If successful, this fundraiser will be the ONLY donation requested from parents for the entire year.  That said, there will be ‘team building’ events – like our restaurant nights and bonfire.  We feel it is still important to offer opportunities for parents and students to meet in relaxed, after-school events.  

Two years ago, our Ashland Ridge families generated more than $23,000 by purchasing pizza, wrapping paper and other goods from a sales-based fundraising company.  Of that, just under $10,000 came back to the PTO.  Our PTO will be able to keep 100% of the money donated to the Jag Jog by cash or check.  Online donations will be assessed a 5% collection fee.  

**It is important to note that spirit wear, yearbook and school supplies are not fundraisers.  The PTO volunteers organize these programs as services.  We keep the prices as low as we possibly can to only cover our costs.**

What if the Jag Jog does not meet the fundraising goal?

The PTO will have to readjust the goal of a one-time donation request.  This could mean adding a sales-based fundraiser for the 2nd half of the year to cover any remaining costs.  In addition, this could mean less direct support for the school including cutting programs teachers, students and parents count on during the year.  We would also abandon the fun run model for next year and return to the door-to-door fundraising model.

What if the Jag Jog brings in MORE money than the goal?

Wouldn’t this be great?!?!

As governed by our bylaws, the PTO had to earmark any money gathered above and beyond the goal.  At a PTO meeting last fall we asked Mr. Moss for suggestions.  He requested an outdoor classroom that would be able to be accessed by all Ashland Ridge teachers and their students.  Should we raise money above and beyond our $25,000 goal, we will begin designing and planning to build that outdoor classroom space.  Designs for this space will be brought to and voted on by anyone who attends PTO meetings after our goal is surpassed.  Last year, PTO created a $15,000 savings account for the outdoor classroom.

Also, it is probable that we would raise our fundraising goal for future Jag Jogs and add more programs, buy more library books and do more for our students, parents and teachers at Ashland Ridge.  Of course any of these changes to the budget would also have to be approved by all those attending PTO meetings through the 2017-2018 school year.

Can I see how the PTO spends money?

Yes!  A formal budget for the 2017-18 school year was adopted in August.  You can see an updated budget at every PTO meeting and on our website here: https://ashlandridgepto.org/meeting-information/

Our meetings are every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  Ashland Ridge 5th grade students provide childcare.

Does the PTO have bylaws in place that govern spending?

Yes!  The bylaws have been updated as of the 2015-16 school year.  For a copy of these bylaws, please click here: https://ashlandridgepto.org/meeting-information/ and then click on the .pdf titled Ashland Ridge PTO BYLAWS

The Ashland Ridge PTO holds over $10,000 each year to help fund the following year.  This helps us meet teacher stipends and begin fundraising for the following school year.  All other money donated or raised is used to support students and teachers in the year those funds are donated or raised.

Why change our fundraiser?

Participation in our sales-based fundraiser has dwindled over the past 9 years from 60% to less than 20%.  Last year our PTO board sent out a survey to all parents asking their opinion about fundraising.  Overwhelmingly parents voted for a direct donation fundraiser to replace the door-to-door sales.  PTO members brought the idea of a run/walk to the general membership meeting last year.  A vote approved this Jag Jog model – having the students participate in a healthy, team-building activity after gathering direct donations from friends and family.  With this model the PTO keeps 100% of donations rather than 40% from a company asking students to sell door-to-door.